Think about an emotion, personal quality, or even a hobby you want to highlight. These portraits will take time to plan and execute. We'll need to consider if these are indoor or outdoor and if they are outdoor if we need particular weather conditions such as high winds or a foggy morning.

These aren't your standard business portraits for LinkedIn, but you can certainly upload them wherever you want!

Start with an idea

It helps to put together an idea board on Pinterest or someplace else so you can collect your thoughts and I can understand what's required of me during the process.

Are you looking for a particular location, time of day, mood, or theme? The planning stage not only helps me guide you on what to wear and how to pose but let's me assess what equipment I'll need: which lens, off camera flash, studio strobes, etc.

create a plan

Practice shoots may be suggested to ensure we're on the right track. These will help us tweak things before the final moment. 

I may be scouting for locations that work with your idea and taking a few sample shots with a few lenses for comparison. We may also go out together a few times to make sure the area works with the rest of the idea. For example, if it's difficult for you to get into the desired location maybe we need to come up with a plan b. It's easier to pivot before the final shot is achieved.

After the details of your vision are finalized we just need to wait until conditions are met.

Achieve your vision

We'll spend as much time as allowed on location getting your shot. Afterwards I'll get to editing and get you the final image in about 2 weeks.