I enjoy spending time with my clients. I find that the longer session durations really help us relax as we get to know one another. We'll work together to achieve your vision and make sure it's as close as possible. All sessions not only include the time we spend together but, time spent scouting for a location, editing, and communicating. All sessions must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance to allow adequate preparation time for both you and I.

Solo Portraits


These are not your traditional professional portraits for LinkedIn or business. These are unique and fun; meant to be mailed to your parents, long distance family, or posted on social media. We'll spend an hour or more meandering through one location.

Couples Portraits'


Show your family & friends that fun side between the two of you. Get dirty with holi powder, or get that cutesy moment while hiking your favorite hiking trail. We'll have two hours to spend together crafting the perfect shot.

Something Else

Contact Me

Wedding? Events? You name it, let's connect and work something out.


I am available 3 days per week in the evenings; shooting when the Sun is out is obviously ideal but shooting in the evenings gives off a softer light which produces a better photo. This doesn't necessarily mean I only shoot within these hours, if your creative vision calls for strong light or other aspects that work better during the mid-day we'll make it work. Just know the days and times below are the days and times I'll try to schedule in first.


Available 5p to 8p


Available 6p to 8p


Available 6p to 8p


What is your cancellation policy?

A. I ask that you please give at least one week heads up whenever possible, but you can cancel at any time.

What happens if I need to reschedule?

A. I ask that you email me as soon as possible. I set my availability 3 days per week to help aide my work-life balance and may not be able to turn around and support a last minute reschedule on one of the days I'm marked as unavailable. But please reach out to me as I may be able to accommodate.

What happens if the weather doesn't cooperate?

A. We can reschedule! Interruptions outside of our control can usually be rescheduled the same week; I leave the other 4 days of the week as unavailable not only for my work-life balance but for rescheduling due to weather.

How do I communicate what my vision is?

A. We will communicate about your vision before we schedule a time to shoot. Sharing Pinterest boards really helps both of us agree to a mutual vision.

What do I need to wear?

A. During our pre-shoot planning we'll determine if a specific outfit is recommended but for the most part wear what ever you want to be in the photo!

What if my shoot is weather dependant?

A. Whether you need rain, snow, or other weather, we'll wait for the right opportunity. Due to other bookings and life obligations, I may not be able to accommodate last minute outings when the weather cooperates. We can both monitor the forecast and communicate about potential dates.

What if I want standard headshots?

A. I strive to make photography fun not just for you, but for me as well. I simply don't find enjoyment when the creativity is absent. There are other photographers in South East Minnesota that will gladly take professional headshots.

When can I expect to see edited images?

A. Usually within a week.

Will you do heavy edits?

A. No, I will not photoshop or manipulate images unless that's our creative vision going in to the project. I believe in light editing and will not remove or significantly alter elements from a photo. We all have insecurities and I believe it's a sign of strength to embrace them.

Are your prices firm?

A. My prices are not negotiable. If there are additional charges due to increased complexity, travel distance, scope, or other factors that will be communicated before we schedule a session.